Pisell Inventory management

Manage Inventory Easily and Control Operating Costs
For larger businesses or those with a high volume of orders, introducing a powerful and user-friendly inventory management system is crucial to inventory management efficiency.
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Problems We Can Solve
Key Function
Fine-tuned Inventory Management
View inventory details at any time to be well informed. Through the goods find function, you’ll be able to quickly locate inventory and substantially improve the efficiency of inbound and outbound processing.
Comprehensive multi-store management
For large-scale enterprises and businesses who have online stores in multiple e-commerce platforms, Pisell can integrate the inventory and order information of multiple stores, through a centralised management of the backend. We currently support online stores on Pisell, Shopify, Ebay, Kogan and Catch.
Real-time updates and order synchronization
Access real time inventory updates! Our order synchronisation function summarises the order details of all stores, including customer info, quantity of goods, logistics, shipments, etc., to the backend in time, which is essential for unified management.
Data report and statistics function
Through the data report function, you can access a daily, weekly or monthly report out of the warehouse, real-time statistics on sales and other important statistics and key data.
Pisell Inventory Management empowers you to efficiently oversee inventory, purchase orders, and sales shipments.
The Advantages of Pisell Inventory Management
Easy to use
No complex training is required to get started. Supports multiple employee logins. Multi-user support helps to realize teamwork and improve the efficiency of inventory management and order processing.
Complete Functional Coverage
Covering all business scenarios, the Pisell Inventory Management System provides a comprehensive solution to multiple problems. It meets the needs of organizations in multiple areas and streamlines operational processes.
Improve operational efficiency
With refined inventory management, you can view inventory details at any time, quickly locate the position of goods, eliminate the tediousness of manual records, effectively improve the efficiency of outgoing and incoming inventory, and the order synchronization function accelerates the order processing.
Digital Transformation Support
Pisell Inventory Management System provides you with digital transformation support to help you shift from traditional manual management to an automated, digital management model to achieve digital transformation and maintain a competitive edge in a highly competitive market.
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Picoding Inventory System
Committed to helping you achieve precise inventory management and real-time updates, addressing the complexity of managing inventory across multiple stores, streamlining inventory processes, and enhancing your work efficiency and profitability!
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Inventory Management & Early Warning
Provides you with automated inventory monitoring and alert capabilities to gain better control of your inventory, respond more confidently to market challenges, and achieve sustained business success!
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Real-time tracking and inventory management
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Improved order processing efficiency
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Provides accurate inventory data and reports
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Smart purchasing and selling decisions
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