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Easily Manage Online Appointments
Make it easy for your customers to make reservations and appointments! An online reservation system is a modern day essential to enhance customer experience, optimise resource management and increase efficiency.
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What are the advantages of a store reservation system?
For customer
Online booking is convenient, you can independently choose the date and time of the appointment, beauty salon customers can also choose their favorite technician, amusement parks and other leisure and entertainment industry customers, you can also choose their favorite venues, booking party room and so on.
For employee
Through the Pisell backend, employees can quickly and clearly access their appointment orders from anywhere, enabling them to make necessary arrangements in advance and provide better service to customers.
For business
It saves front-end staffing costs, digitizes appointment processes, and allows for the swift and efficient management of in-store reservations. Whether it's web-based bookings or reservations through the mobile app or small program, all can be managed through a single backend, improving operational efficiency.
Pisell online appointment
Multi-platform, Multi-channel Traffic Acquisition
Support webpage, h5, WeChat small program, App online reservation
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Supports 24/7 reservations anytime
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Caters to various customer reservation scenarios
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Direct Access
Multi-channel marketing for direct access to reservations
Multi-Industry, Multi-Scene Applications
Online reservations for various industries, such as dining, services, and leisure entertainment, solving the inefficiencies of traditional reservations.
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Restaurant reservations
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Fresh delivery
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Beauty booking
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Event booking
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Party room booking
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Recurring booking
Why Choose Pisell?
Optimize the appointment process to reduce waiting time
Pisell's online customer appointment system enhances the convenience of making appointments by optimising the process so that customers can make appointments anytime, anywhere.
Personalised Appointment Programs to Improve Satisfaction
Customers are able to select the appointment time and program, as well as the service personnel, and pre-pay online. Bookings and appointments are more in-depth, flexible and convenient, providing you with more sales opportunities.
Multi-language support to expand your customer base
Our reservation system provides multi-language support. You can use English, Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese to design the reservation page to easily service both english and Chinese customers.
Clear Appointment Backend for Increased Efficiency
You can easily manage all appointments through Pisell's back office, which displays all appointments in a calendar format, allowing you to quickly identify busy and idle periods.
Add Booking Apps Now
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Appointment booking
Meets the needs of service-oriented businesses, covering various types of service booking such as massages, hair salons, nail salons, KTV, accommodations, and more.
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Event Booking
Satisfies the requirements of event-based businesses, encompassing multiple types of event booking services, including ticketing, party rooms, courses, and conferences.
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Recurring Booking
Allows customers to book a series of event-related products all at once, greatly enhancing the convenience and efficiency of bookings.
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Say goodbye to chaos, save time and automate your scheduling and notification processes.
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Bid farewell to costly software fees, enjoy the convenience and affordability of the Pisell’s Reservation System.
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Suitable for various industries, such as food service, beauty, education, training, and more.
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