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Private Domain Traffic


Private domain traffic is an enterprise’s digital assets like domain names and trademarks. Private domain traffic belongs to YOU. You can achieve a much higher conversion rate by understanding the traffic and customer behaviour.

Public domain traffic such as Amazon and eBay has certain disadvantages. First, the platform takes commission upon every sale, lowering your profit margin. Second, merchants on the platform have no full access to management, making them unable to fine-tune operations.

In contrast, private domain traffic’s assets belong to YOU. Through user and data analysis, you can quickly scale your campaigns. Third, the cost of acquiring and retaining traffic for merchants will be higher for platforms in the future.

Public domain platforms is a way to promote your business and acquire initial customers. However, once you get new customers, you must direct the traffic to your website for stable customer management and development.

In other words, you can constantly manage and maintain your customers in a cost-efficient way. We all know that platforms are charging higher commissions than ever; it is now the perfect time to build your private traffic.

Pisell provides you with tools to build private domain traffic, such as websites, WeChat mini-programs, apps, etc. At the same time, Pisell also provides management of private domains traffic. Tools such as loyalty programs, coupons, and recharge functions can help you manage and operate your business efficiently.

Membership Management System


The number of members will continue to grow as your business grows, which means it will become complicated to track all the customer data over time. Therefore, it is crucial to automate the management of members. Therefore, it is imperative to automate the management and marketing of members.

Pisell’s automated member marketing management system can set various member levels and rules intelligently. In addition, the system learns from the members’ habits and interests and dynamically sends information that customers are interested in based on AI feedback.

Pisell’s automated membership marketing management system allows merchants to set various membership levels and effectively use loyalty points to increase customer retention rates.

For example, discounts can apply automatically after users spend over a certain threshold. In addition, the discounts can be set dynamically based on the membership levels.

According to a world-renowned market research company, Gallup, interacting with members yields a 23% higher revenue than businesses that fail to communicate with members. Hence, it is essential to communicate with members to increase interactions actively.

With Pisell’s complete set of automated management tools, you can use marketing emails, discount vouchers, etc., to let your customers know of any promotions or events.

Pisell’s membership management system can track the interaction between members and merchants, transactions, purchases, withdrawals and renewals, etc., and automatically conduct member marketing according to the rules, making tracking and retaining customers more feasible. The operation is also more straightforward, which significantly reduces the time and effort spent by merchants.

Appointment System


Say goodbye to mess; Pisell’s powerful online customer appointment system can make merchants’ scheduling and notification processes automated. The online customer reservation system is suitable for many industries, such as education, catering, beauty industry, etc., allowing merchants to bid farewell to the high cost of reservation system software and enjoy the convenience and low cost of the Pisell reservation system.

The traditional reservation method is that customers make reservations by calling or sending WeChat, and merchants will inevitably make mistakes in communicating with customers, resulting in incorrect reservation times or information for customers, which results in a poor experience. In addition, merchants often encounter the problem of customers’ language barriers, and there is no way to make appointments smoothly. As a result, merchants spend a lot of time and effort arranging and organizing customer appointments.

Pisell’s online customer reservation system allows the customers to make reservations anytime, anywhere. In addition, the choice of multiple languages ​​makes the appointment more efficient and convenient.

Pisell’s basic reservation system version allows customers to choose the time and service. For example, in the catering industry, customers can reserve tables and time; in the education industry, users can choose the time and course of the class; in the beauty industry, users can choose the time and beauty products.

The advanced version of the reservation system allows customers to choose the time, service and person. For example, users can choose the time, course, and teacher of the class for education; in the beauty industry, users can choose the time, beauty products, and the therapist. As a result, customers are more flexible and convenient to make appointments and have higher satisfaction.

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