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Challenges in the amusement park business
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Limited ticket sales channels
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Complex personnel entry management
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Operating costs remain high
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Widespread lack of food ordering systems
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It offers comprehensive amusement park management features, including ticket sales, reservation management, equipment control, automated crowd management, and food ordering, fulfilling the needs of amusement park businesses for efficient, intelligent, and convenient management.
Online Ticketing
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Customized official website
Amusement park guests are more inclined to discover things of interest through visual content, so in the design of the official website, more attention can be paid to rich image display and interactive design
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Take reservations anytime, anywhere
Whether on mobile, tablet or desktop, guests can more easily make reservations and choose from a variety of payment options.
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Support for multiple reservations
Reservations can be made for fixed time slots on the same day, flexible hours, and across the day. Individual play areas can be booked, packages can be booked, etc.
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Increase online conversion rate
Impress your guests with a convenient booking experience and increase your revenue by optimizing your online conversion rate, increasing per-guest spending and promoting repeat visits.
POS Ticketing
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Pisell LitePOS is a separate offline sales channel as well as a simple POS system. It allows you to sell tickets offline, modify order information and collect money.
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Sell faster
When you use Pisell LitePOS for on-site ticketing, you can set up zones that correspond to the actual zones in the park to ensure faster and more efficient offline ticketing.
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Printing Bracelets
Connected to a printer, Pisell LitePOS can also print bracelets for quick entry and tickets for guest verification.
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Sales statistics
View playground-related data such as guest traffic, venue utilization rate, etc. at any time. Through data analysis, you can understand guest preferences and further optimize operation strategies.
Offline Verification
• Order Checkout
When guests arrive at the amusement park, they only need to show their electronic orders to the scanning port, the backstage will judge whether the tickets are valid or not, and if the tickets are correct, they can enter smoothly.
• Bracelet Control
Pisell has adapted the bracelet to replace the traditional QR code with a 360-degree barcode. It can recognize the time of entry, the number of times of play, age group, etc.
• Gate Improvement
In order to solve the problem of the accuracy of the scanning distance of the traditional gate, Pisell fixes the scanning distance at a suitable position, so that children only need to scan the code at the bottom of the iron box of the gate, and then they can enter the venue quickly.
• Remote Operation
Even if there is no network, you can control the gate through Python server, this local processing ensures the efficiency and accuracy of access control.
Precision Management
• Employee Management
Utilizing Pisell-developed NFC cards for employee clock-ins, access control, and more, streamlining your workforce electronically.
• Venue Management
When a particular venue is fully booked, the backend system provides real-time updates, allowing visitors to stay informed about venue availability.
• Party Room Management
When guests reserve a party room, if the number of reservations does not match the capacity of the private room, the system will automatically merge the private rooms to meet the needs of the guests.
• Food and Beverage Management
Guests in the private room can directly scan the QR code on the table to order, the clerk can take the order at the Pisell Express cashier, the kitchen receives the order synchronously, and the work efficiency is greatly improved!
• Data Management
With just one backend system, you can comprehensively manage ticket data, order data, party room data, food and beverage data, and more, without the need to switch between various devices.
Comprehensive Marketing
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Membership System
Grouping of guests according to different labels, as long as the rules are set, the system will be automatically implemented
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Points System
You can set up a variety of points to be automatically deducted by guests at checkout.
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Reservation Reminder
When guests book tickets or parties online, both guests and you will receive reminders to facilitate advance preparation.
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You can associate vouchers with playground events, goods or services as a form of marketing.
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Rechargeable Cards
You can set the validity period and withdrawal method of rechargeable cards to attract guests through rechargeable card promotions.
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Marketing fission
Tickets, membership cards, coupons, etc. can be transferred to other people, so you can use this to start a marketing chain.
Our Advantages
• Integrated Solution
Provide comprehensive functional coverage for all playground needs, from online website and ticketing to offline underwriting, reservation bracelet printing and a la carte services.
• Efficient Management
With automated and integrated features, Pisell Amusement Park Cloud Manager helps businesses streamline various operational processes, enhancing operational efficiency.
• Exceptional Customer Experience
Through online booking, electronic ticket verification, and convenient ordering services, we elevate the customer experience and convenience.
• Data Analysis Support
Real-time monitoring and analysis of customer traffic, resource utilization, and more provide powerful data-driven insights to support decision-making.
• Building Private Domain Traffic
Through website and mini-program development, online booking, and marketing promotions, we increase brand exposure and customer traffic, fostering private domain traffic for your brand.
Choosing Pisell makes your amusement park management easier
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